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ENVIROX #117 H2O2 4/1GAL

This is the original hydrogen peroxide multi-purpose cleaner - a patented formulation that literally transformed the professional cleaning industry!

Professionals have discovered that there's just no substitute for the best. H2Orange2 117 is often imitated, but never matched. H2Orange 117.

One Product, two dilutions, 95% of your cleaning needs. From urinals to mirrors, from kitchen grease to carpet care, H2Orange2 117 does the job without damaging you or your facility. Cleans counters, marble, wood floors, urinals, tile, grout, carpet, VCT flooring, walls, whiteboards, and more!

H2Orange2 117 is EPA registered to kill 99.99% of common bacteria and 99.9% of specified viruses, including Hepatitis B.

It's the professional choice in schools, amusement parks, healthcare facilities, government buildings, professional complexes, animal hospitals, shopping centers, and well-known landmarks.

NOTE: Anti-microbial products such as H2Orange2 117 require registration with the U.S. EPA prior to distrubution or sale. Recent clarification of EPA regulations expressly prohibits by federal law the use of Green Seal or similar endorsements or statements on such products. The EPA does not allow this classification of products to make statements regarding the safety of the product on its label or in advertising, nor the absence of an ingredient.





28001001 ENVIROX #117 H2O2 4/1GAL